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General Intellect offers an open-source digital citizen engagement toolbox to tap into people’s collective intelligence and the guidance needed for collaborative decision-making. Trusted by 90 million citizens.

We use Consul. The complete and open source digital citizen engagement platform to improve transparency and accountability in governments and organizations

10 Million Citizens
10 Languages
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We’ll help you

Consult with your citizens

Consult with your citizens using surveys, polls, voting & interactive media to ensure they get the right information. Help your citizens understand the challenges, alternatives, opportunities and solutions in their community.  Ask us why leading organizations in the world are using CONSUL?

Engage on key issues

Engage with your citizens using digital collaborative tools such as participatory budgeting, collaborative legislation, proposals and debates. Build trust with the public, ensuring that citizens’ concerns are heard, understood and taken into account. Ask us how we get results. 

Empower your community

Make better decisions using the best practices and data-driven decision-making tools. Our intuitive easy to use digital tools simplify decision-making by leveraging the power of artificial intelligence (AI). Learn how a hands-on approach makes a difference. 

CONSUL, the world’s most popular citizen engagement tool

General Intellect guides you every step of the way. Here are just some of the places using CONSUL.

Collective intelligence and technological innovation supporting the common good

A solution that adapts to your needs & context, not the other way around

General Intellect, where collective intelligence and technological innovation meet to support the common good. Our solutions balance your community’s needs while ensuring you reach citizen consultation goals faster, all from a single platform.

Our team combines expertise in software development, implementation & in-depth knowledge in digital citizen engagement/participation methods.

We don’t just offer technology. We contribute to building collective intelligence.

Reach more people, manage their participation efficiently, and make decisions based on key insights

Based on data driven decision making, we can help you design, implement, coordinate, manage, communicate, and evaluate your organization’s most appropriate citizen engagement strategies.

Increase participation, including hard to reach groups

Save time and gain better insights with easy to follow reports

Engage with more citizens in a process that builds trust

A secure platform that is regularly updated

Use advanced tools, including AI powered analysis

Real support from real people

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